Saturday, 26 May 2007

Another music review

Everyone’s favourite hollaback girl is back! Gwen’s second solo album, Sweet Escape is a literal escape from the cliché of pop music. Leave it to this diva, to rip you from your pop comfort zone and, in the pleasantest way possible and knock you around a bit. No mainstream pop star can manage to wriggle her way around the faux Swiss yodel and an up tempo groover quite like she does. Hate her or love her, you’ve got to admire the gutsy style with which she flaunts that bright red pout while flirting with all the big hitters, ranging from Nellee Hooper to Keane’s Tim Rice-Oakley. Always a mistress of the synthetic sound, Gwen’s collaborations with Akon in the title track is convincingly the wildest thing she has ever attempted.
Among the twelve tracks on the disc Early Winter is possibly the most rewarding for a music fan because of its easy, soulful melody. Orange county girl is one of the more up-tempo tracks with simple yet expressive lyrics. 4 in the morning is a slow track where Gwen re establishes her right to being one of the leading singers in the industry today. The rest of the tracks take us back to the fun loving Gwen who was missed.

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