Sunday, 20 May 2007

My Nicknames

The listing starts...

  1. Pari~ Always been my favorite. Don't remember the first person who called me that but whoever does gets a big star :)

  2. Panni~ This one has a copyright..only ma is allowed to call me that! and that too only when she really means it.

  3. Ka~ Wonder why Na stopped calling me that...hmmm..

  4. Jumbli~ Again only ppl who have given birth to me can use it.

  5. Kuchi~ Family of a different kind..don't misinterpret the smile this name gives me. 3rd std friends in ooty thought it was a big joke to call me stick. I was insulted by it for years until mom told me Papa used to call me that too. course he dint know what it meant in tamil but still it make me feel much better bout the word and when Suppu was struggling to find an appropriate nickname for me..I suggested stuck! but beware, u must make sure u have perm to use it..only closest friends, as-good-as-family ppl are allowed.

  6. Purrr~ he he..brings back memories...class 10..those psychos...don't u dare try this one!

  7. Par~ started with even SHGHS gals call me that..donno where they got it from...

  8. Paani~ Only when I wear blue.

  9. Paari~ big no-no!

  10. Patrinika~ Mallu dad thought he was close enough. ha!

  11. Parnike~ Eco teacher's creation..he he

  12. Priyanka~ No, name is not that easy, common.

  13. Nika~ Don't mind this one unless it's connected to someone from a K-serial

  14. Akinrap~ Interesting...again suggested my me...the muddle doesn't mind thinks backwards

  15. Aparnika~ thats probably my fault. I stumble over my own name sometimes

Now my precious surnames

  1. Raise~ Actually thats the way it should be pronounced..just don't spell it like that!

  2. Ga-mat~ Ur not Anglo! Don't go there!

  3. Gaa-math~ AArgh!!