Friday, 7 September 2007

My Nicknames 2 (Yes, I'm obsessed with my name) :)

~*~Pari (always been my favorite. Don't remember the first person who called me that but whoever does gets a big star! :-D)

~*~Panni (my mom, isn't she creative?)

~*~Ka (My bro, it's the end of my name and a shortform for akka-the Tamil word for big sister :) I like this one..u should hear him say it)

~*~Jumbli (cos I'm always so jumbled up, was my first email id ;) mom's brilliance)

~*~Kuchi ( friends in ooty started it and it caught's quiet a rage in coll no is stored under different amalgamations of this one..he he I enjoy it..oh btw it means 'stick' in Tamil nd obviously it refers to my size and shape ;) I'm comfortable with it)

~*~Purrr (school name..absolutely hated it! thank God it's obsolete now! it was made into a necklace too thu!)

~*~Par (this one is weird..started with one or two ppl in college and then miraculously traveled to school friends too..don't mind it)

~*~Panni ( Ma, please! stop embarrassing me!! it's long as it stays in the four walls of home)

~*~Paani (for the times i wear blue :) very few ppl think of it tho..sigh)

~*~Paari (some British way of saying it..lady in old age home)

~*~Patrinika (he he..has to be mallu..but it was written on a gift so i just shut my

~*~Parnike (Eco teacher..mallu's i say)

~*~Raise (surname..excusable?)

~*~Ga-mat (get it?)

~*~Gaamath (Thats aa as in 'game')

~*~Priyanka (I have a better, rarer, awesomer name than that!! no offence)

~*~Prinika (hmmm...another amalgamation? must have been a teacher)

~*~Aparnika (thats my fault..i stammer at my own name..thu!)

~*~Nika (some evil character in a Hindi serial apparently)

~*~Miss Harry Potter (because of this scar on my forehead which is hardly visible now)

~*~Jacob's descendent (ha ha...cos of this multi coloured bag i used to love..thay said i took his coat and made it a bag..grin)

~*~Zohrab's sister (hate it Hate it! HATE IT!! don't u dare say it's cos u know him better! he should be known as 'Parnika's sister'! really!)

~*~Shalu (ha confused me with her own sister..can u believe it?)

~*~Akinrap (he he..backwards..nice...reminds me of good ol high school)
Finally!! found this buried in my drafts...
Here are a few more

~*~iKuch(cos i said only the privileged are allowed 'kuchi' so someone decided to be clever..huh!)

~*~Agent I (I like the salute! cos of my psychic powers)

~*~ Kusu/ kusu pot (distortion of Kuchi..hate it!)

I'll add more as they turn up
I told you bout Pomika Rays Gomat didn't I? (thats cos of my outrageously illegible handwriting..grin)

Muddled mind is nice don't u think?


  1. hey sweets...dos nt panni mean pig in tamil?
    evil grin

  2. ha ha..ya it does!
    but mom calls me panni..more like a as in apple..get it?
    have been called the pig panni too...he he

  3. were u born with a paper and a pen in ur hand? i mean even if its YOUR do u remember all the weird amalgamations made out of i..ehehehe...but i liked reading it...thoroughly enjoyable!;-)

  4. its my NAME!!!!
    obviously i remember ever single way it's been mutilated!!

  5. Oh Peanuts...its not new, mom loves calling me that when I'm being particularly naughty
    There are others I remember now and again and tell myself 'I have to put that up on the blog and never manage to..well...lets just say...the time for another list is drawing close..

  6. Romitha! yes thats the latest! what a disgrace!
    Peanuteeza too sometimes!