Thursday, 21 February 2008

14 Saviors

1. "Why do I keep doing this?
Making ppl happy
Giving them what they want
Saying what theywant me to say
Just cos I know them
And in the end I'm the one left alone

Felt really low after bringing two of my best friends together. Felt like I had driven them away from me.

2. "Damn! I can't do it
I miss him too much
It's my bro's eighteenth birthday
And dad hasn't been there for one of them!
I just..It's ok..
There's nothing you can do"


3. "It was smt to do with my dad..i dont feel better talking about it cos it doesn't make it go away..not a prob that can be solved..thats why I rang Vini..she just
talks and talks and I stop was fun..I put her on loudspeaker and cleared my room :) "

sometimes its better to be locked up in my room

4. "I'm so sorry dear tat i was not wid u when u wanted me il never repeat t enjoy u fest its good to miss someone but its bad to be unhappy and be sad while you remem him he should be ur strength and not ur weakness"-from Krish

Thank You

5. "No probs kuqi jus wandering wt to tell smeagol/gollum/precious/wierdo ne suggestions"-From Bong :)

6."I trust you..don't think bout all this it will just make you feel low.."- From Tarun :)

7."You're going alone? k keep msgng me. I'll be there for u :)"-From Sush

Visit to the hospital

8. "But u still need support. Like when u wished u had someone with u. U dont have to be strong all the time"-From Sush

Sometimes you can't make it on your own?

9. "See the thing is I've never really hated anyone..I dono how to do it..even when ppl hurt me I cant hate them ..wierd no?"

10. "Don say sorry! I'm just pissed with the whole situation and I wanna know how he feels about the whole thing but I don wanna be the one to ask'll require an apology..just imagineif I say sorry and he still hates me..what'll i do then?
It's apparent that he's lonely be it but both our pride is just too much to overcome this..Deb can't help..I don wanna sound as if I need a new guy to replace an old one.."

Telling Tarun bout Akshay

11."Even I wonder the same thing sometimes..Life wouldn't make sense without love kiddo..we all need it..We're all made of it and incomplete without it.."

I remember being told this..

12. "If u have nothing to cry about ul never have anything to rejoice about..don't be afraid to show ur sad just as u laugh when ur happy u need to cry when ur sad ..its I need to sleep cos I'm tired..good night!"

Saw him crying in class

13."You're crying..I can see your tears..thru the hate..thru the pain..redness..u smell the same..pld spice and leather..u laugh the same..piercing thru the silence..but when u cry u cry alone..i used to be able to cry with u..hate doesn't make it easier to stop feeling ur I stopped hating u."-To Akshay

14. "Ur strong like him..he used to do that too...stay when I asked him to go"


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