Monday, 25 February 2008


love is making an exception
love is accepting someone with their faults
love is a simple act of smiling at a poor man,
giving him belief that he could easily have been what you are

love is putting other person before self
love is what makes you silent
when you have to speak

love exists in so many forms
love is experiencing...."

Thats one view..i like the beggar part..making him believe he could have been you...

love is a decision ..
to try no matter what
to bear
to forgive...
to remain faithful to..
to trust...

I have a long winded theory

2 individuals could
really like each other
be in lust..
be infatuated

but its the decision to be with them no matter what..
stand by them..
to commit...

they decide to "love"
and stick with their decision

so even when the attraction fails
you grow old
saggy and disgusting
you stick by your decision..
and LOVE..

there are many beautiful words that describe love man
you never know...
they all seem brilliant..
and sometimes my theory seems too practical and unromantic"
me: "ya
but it makes sense
it explains a lot of things
and u know what love is an unconscious decision
its beautiful when u don't have to thing about it
thats what romance is all about

"well i think it should be a conscious decision as well"
when commitment is involved
"coz you cannot love the person all the time.. they might be mean and hateful
and rude.. and unkind
and downright stupid
but its just your conscious decision to stay
not up and leave"
"but sometimes u love them despite that
all that"

"yeah exactly
its the conscious part.. that lets you
at least i think so"

I really love this one..for its simplicity and its sincerity
oh wait there's more..

"you know what i hate the most
its these guys and girls.
who just keep saying and using love as an excuse
no one seems to take the words
"I love you" for its true meaning
most of the time its for sex
other times.. comfort
re assurance..
I mean seriously..
I find it stupid"

It is..reminded me of.. "those 3 words are said too much..there's not enough"
I remember a time when he was planning to make a documentary kinda thing..ask ppl their opinions on love and write them I felt as if I was stealing that idea...

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  1. sigh... Love... I still feel it... it still makes me smile... and there still is happiness in that sad smile.