Thursday, 12 June 2008

Who is the president of Pakistan?
Maybe tomorrow I'll find my way home
Limewire is working
Bit torrent isn't
Statement of the day: Dying is good for health
my rainbow smile
pen fight
pillow fight
loving it
the new sound of coldplay
the sound that u hear when you press ur ear against the pole in a moving bus
the sound of trains in my head
the sound that makes you stop to listen
the sound that blocks out all other sounds
the sound that makes everything else feel like noise
the sound that keeps you from eating
the sound of water trickling
the sound of footsteps
the sound of hugs
the sound of bangles when I'm combing my hair
the sound of a computer turning on
the sound of a gtalk blurb
the clicking of a mouse
the double click
the sound of a smile
a smilie
the sound of a nailcutter
the sound of growling stomach
a baby yawn
paper torn
a sigh
slurping noodles
just cos im losing doesn't mean im lost

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