Tuesday, 1 July 2008

I was walking home in the rain today..watching the droplets falls from the eye-poke-out-able parts of my umbrella...
girls in long skirts ran on the opposite side with plastic bags on their heads
I had a Mother-Teresa-ish instinct to hand them my umbrella..i was only 3 houses away from home...they had to walk at least 1km..
Ah..they'll probably sell it anyway..
Squelch! squelch! squelch!
Comm street
Pink salwar Kameez
I saw a lady in col the other day who looked like what Mrs Broughton would have looked like when she was teaching in FAPS
I dreamt that Sangi and P wanted to attend Tana's class!! :P
I invented a new game..it reminded me of the ones Madhu and I used to play...

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