Thursday, 21 August 2008


Sigh after sigh
High and dry
Happiness is not as momentary as they say it is
The desire for happiness lingers

Human desires buried in the grave....
But aren't human desires the very essence of human existence?

I need to need someone again
I know it sounds desperate
I know its a vain pursuit
I just want to know that feeling again

I want to feel that fear again
That fear of letting someone know me too well
That fear of being too close to ever let go

Maybe I just need something to occupy my mind
A new passion
Not necessarily a person
But nothing fills the room like human presence

I shrink...I shrink into myself
Too consumed in the person I've been, the person I am, the person I'm becoming and the person I need to be ...
Too consumed in myself to need anyone else

Yes, it is just the mind and not the heart that yearns for newness
Give me something new to think about
I am inured to feelings anyway
Just keep my mind working
And my cold heart will follow its lead

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