Tuesday, 9 September 2008

My fairytale

I'm telling naik about menon....its time to tell that story..i was gonna blog about how ma doesn't trust me..but blah..not irritated enough..champagne supernova on repeat since 9.30...
naik: so many special people change!

me: so many lives are living strange

naik: where were you when while we were getting high?

me: wake up the dawn and ask her why

naik: dream a dream she never dies, wipe tha tear away now from her eye

me: why why why why

naik: i lou oasis!!!

me: dyu know why this song is so special to me?

naik: am i supposed to know?

me: no

naik: champagne supernova on repeat :P

me: same here

i'll tell story

naik: okie

me: i'm in mood to tell story


naik: tell

am in good mood to listen


me: perfect

so once upon a time

there was a girl, a very naive superficial girl

naik: hehe..


me: ah and so the girl-she has a very BAD COMPUTER BTW-the girl-not princess-girl

naik: there is a princess girl?

me: yeah...she had crushes on all these cute guys in school and used to attempt flirting..unsuccessfully...

NO THEN!! this is a fairytale madam

naik: oh wait.. sounds like someone i know..

me: with a real world twist of course;)

naik: me!


me: ah so...the princess girl girl...she had lotsa friends and all

naik: ok

me: but thats not important

see the thing is

naik: ok


me: she studied in this really small class

only 3 girls no boys

naik: ok

me: arts u know..sigh

naik: aww...

me: but then she used to go for comp science with all the science guys

and she was the only girl there

i know arts with comp sci wierd no

naik: aha!!

me: anyway so she loved comp sci

she could escape

she would sit in front of the comp and dream off

naik: oasis?

me: and the teacher was a sweetheart

no not yet

i'm getting there

naik: was he hot?

me: I haven't got to the guy yet!!

and no he wasn't hot

oh the teacher lol..no!!

he he

naik: ok..i was talking about teacher

me: he he

naik: :)

me: so the guy (since i spilled the beans already)

he wasn't hot

he still isnt

he is thin and pimply and well weird looking with glasses

the normal wayside geek

but of course, the sweetest sweetheat that no one understands

and the princess met him at comp class

and he was brilliant

and funny

and used to make her laugh


he he

naik: aww.. btw i lou geeky guys!

me: i know!! me too!

well the princess girl dint

i mean she was still a superficial nonbitch at that time

but then she grew out of it

actually he grew her out of it!

he he...

naik: awww...

me: i know

it's a love story for the books


but it was all too late

the loving i mean

it was after grad

and he was gone

to a faraway land called engineering

naik: oh man!

me: I know!

but the summer was good

the in between summer

they used to chat a lot

yahoo mail

naik: nice!

me: everyday


naik: aww..

me: it was around this time two years ago

naik: and....

me: and one day..near book mark

the princess decided to be bold

she was beautiful as it is ;)

so she told him

in not so many words

but she told him

naik: yay!

me: but not so yay

naik: :(

me: positive response came....love he called it..connection...so many things in common

...but he dint really really get it

being one of those true intellectual retards

who simply does not get a female heart


he was in love with someone else

the princess dint know

but she found out..later

but for a little while

just a little while

he made her believe there was something there

and she used to live in this fantasy world

she loved it there

and she wished..she still wishes sometimes..she could live there

naik: we all do :)


me: sigh

naik: (its happy sad)

me: so she let go..she had to...

naik: then what happened?

me: he said it reminded him of her

and she was awed

naik: what reminded him of her?

me: the song...this song

champagne supernova

naik: awww...

me: :) that had to mean lou


it just had to!

there was no question about it!!

naik: then...

me: every Monday she wanted to ask him out and every Friday she wanted to stop loving him

naik: aha...

me: it was hard

but she did it

by december 2007 she was over him

or so she wanted to believe

naik: hmm..

me: she got involved in something else

naik: who?

me: she stopped dreaming

wondering fantasizing

naik: about?

me: she stopped hoping

about him of course

naik: what did she get involved with?

me: and in any case they were just friends

oh..thats a completely different fairy tale

saved for another day

naik: continue...

me: so the next year...2008 started

and she was full of resolutions...her 19th year

naik11: hmm

me: the year of the boyfriend

he he..yeah...

then one night

night before media studies paper in fact

she was msging him

not only him..other ppl from school too...just to keep her mind off the studying

naik: andd...

me: and they msged for a long long time

he cheered her up

like he always did

and she took a psycho test on him

one of those where u ask all sortsa q's and then u interpret answers

he he..towards the end

he asked a very simple question

naik11: what?

me: he asked "what if there was someone who knew everything about u and u knew everything abotu that person and the two of u had feelings for each other....what if...

naik: and....

me: i cant get the right words but basically..it sounded like he was trying to say smt

naik: i get it

me: smt...smt i've wanted to hear for a long time

so i was like are u testing me?

naik: and..

go on..

me: like u know when a guy wants to ask someone out and he asks a another girl for testing purposes

but then he dint get it

naik: oh yes!

me: and he got confused

and i said yes

naik: and...

me: as in i said i would say yes to him

naik: i get that

me: and then he got some kinda hint

and then he dint msg

and then he called!!!!

naik: what??

me: and then....

naik: yay!!!

me: slowly....arkwardly......the truth came out

it was so arkward

naik: fingers crossed

me: so completely wierding out

naik: 4 the best

me: questions were asked

naik: did he?

me: "Did u have a crush on me?"

naik: did he nt?

me: "Did u know?"

naik: and...

did he ask you out ?

me: "Do you still have feelings for me?"




naik: oh god.. why do i have a bad feeling about this

me: :( see..there was this other girl

naik: "(


me: and if my inbox was not so full i would have got the msgs telling me about her

dont get down for me...there's still a fairytale factor left

naik: yay!

( btw i hate happy endings)

me: u see...the boy..the man...he was no ordinary man....

naik: lol

me: he he..this one's bitter sweet

naik: aha.. prince charming

me: he was a prince..

a gentleman of a high stature

naik: get on with what happened

me: so he asked to meet her

to sort things out

she freaked of course

naik: the princess or the other girl?

ok i got it

why she freaked ?

me: but we're talking about a love story here

the princess of course!

she was freaked cos he knew!

naik: aha.. sorry swolpa slow

me: she was freaked cos her dreams were coming true

naik: now continue

me: she was freaked cos once in her life ...for a change..IT WAS REAL!!!


naik: continue

me: so she dint sleep of course

and the exam was like...BALLS!!

he he...and they met

naik: and...

me: and it was outside corner house..teh place she had thought of asking him out to

naik: :)

me: cos he liked mint chocolate chip icecream too :)

naik11: me too..

thats my fav

me: and anyway there was no place ther!!


naik: they could've sat on the ing vysya steos


i always do

me: she was hungry


and she wanted a date

naik: wait.. the airport rd corner house?

me: that wasn't a date BUT STILL!

naik: hehe

me: she wasn't wearing her best

she was lock and key earrings and the key got lost that morning


naik: story ra

me: but fortunately she always carried replacements

and he liked it simple

yeah so...princess gets over earrings

gets to this muslim eating place

naik: and....

me: and the tables are far way like from the seats

so she asks him to come sit on her side

and they drag the table closer

and they order

and they eat

and its still arkward

naik: and....

me: ok so he asks the questions

the dreaded ones

she gives the answers the honest ones

he paid btw

we walked a lot

he told me bout this girl

apparently after our phonecall he got the balls to tell her how he felt

at 2 in the morning!!

anyway not my business.....i took him home

yes..we took an auto all the way to whitefield

i was embarrassed at the amount of money he was spending

but let him spend it anyway


u listening??

Guess she isn’t but I have to complete this….i took him to whitefield

I took him to church

To the hill

The hill from where u can see the whole of my village

The hill with the crucifix

The sacred place

He liked it

He loved it

And we sat there and we talked and he was happy

And I was happy

He slowly opened up to me

We were watching little kids playing

And he compared himself to a lonely one

And from there we went there

We were sitting at the back of a strong pillar…a station of the cross in fact

And I was playing with the sand

Staring at the top branch of the closest tree

And then he asked

“What do you feel for me right now?”

And only one thing was running thru my mind

I said it over in my head..I said it again..I looked at him and said it again…and one of those times..it actually became audible to him

And I pulled back from the stone..the stone..the dream..a flash…

I hunched and my eyes closed

He put his hand on my shoulder and pulled me back…the stone…my head…on his shoulder…small tears..

Not a word was spoken

Slowly the sun set..

Slowly I began to sing

And it was my song

And it was his song

And it was our song

I could smell him

I tingle

I could kiss him

I tingle

I was scared

I was happy

I wasn’t even there

Few seconds later he’s saying it back to me

And he means it

Every single syllable of it

Today as she talks to another man..another prince charming..and the music plays and he is close enough

She thinks of that moment and the way she never wanted it to end…the way she never wanted anything to top it…and nothing ever has…

But it had to end..they got up slowly..the princess descended first singing praises to God

“Dyu know what hallelujah means?”


“It means praise the Lord”

“I should have known that….

She’s still in the clouds..he has to pull her off the road…his slightest touch makes her want everything she knows she can never have…

“I’m going to write poems about this”, she says

And she does..her spaces are filled with them

“Please don’t put your life in my hands…I’m a rock and roll band…I’d throw it all away”

He threw it all away…all of it..every single tear of it…

“The dream ended badly”, I told him so

Well, it’s not an end till…

Well, today he has a girlfriend..finally…I’m happy for him…he has a cute phone too ;) I’m happy for him

I miss him sometimes..or I just miss the me that was….

Either way, it’s washed away…

So this is my fairytale and it is bittersweet and it is real and it is still alive…

I still have my barman theory and you never know…

Hope Survives :)


  1. BSNL fucked up.. i was listening!!

  2. ha ha...sure u were! not on someone's blog?

  3. eh go!.. leave him alone! moreover he stopped writing.. so the name should be changed. i WAS genuinely listening.. no wonder i dragged myself to college in nine yards of torture the next day to listen to your story.

  4. lol...'nine yards of torture'..lol...good one! :P

  5. yeah.. its high time i took over SNL.

  6. yeah.. its high time i took over SNL.