Saturday, 22 November 2008

Taking negitivity out of my room

Long day

Short days

Medium sized days

Which would u like?

I’d little a big loaf of bread please…THIS big! :P

Brothers bakery…

I need to grounded

In bathroom singing

In bible class

In me and myself

In my room

My own things

My own rules

And so what if the world defines it as OCD

I think it’s smt more powerful than that

Every time I look at the phone and see 3.33pm

I know

I know its more than a jinx


That’s what I call it a miracle

Prejudice is a horrible thing

The bible talks about living without prejudice

And I’ve been doing that without realizing

Im doing it

So now I’m gonna do it consciously

I’m gonna live without prejudices

Keep an open mind

Accept ppl as they are

U don’t have to become like them if u like them

U gotta just let them do their thing

While u do ur thing

And my thing

My thing is OCD

My thing is folding clothes perfectly

My thing is waking up late and running for the bus

My thing is watching the sunset as I get home

My thing is staring

At the stars and finding peace in the illusionary sky

My sounds so weird

But this is who I am

And u are NOT gonna stop me

No I will not let u invade my space

My room


They’re mine

And no one elses

They are my stallions not urs

They keep me grounded

I saw so many SHGHS girls

And I felt happy

I felt protected

I felt I came from somewhere called home

I saw Irene today and I feel I was the only one who really understood her

Everyone lives like that

With strong principles guiding them

And what they look like and what they wear and what they talk about are guided these principles.

And they get these principles from their family, from their homes, the place they grew up in.

The school they went to


I went to too many schools to know exactly what my principles are

I can’t say I’m a follower of this this this

But there’s smt I do believe in

And it has all the principles clearly laid out

The bible


I’m studying it too much

I treat it like a textbook now

That’s not cool

The bible has to be owned

Taken in thru every pore of ur skin

Taken in so deep that it becomes beautiful, as part of u

And u become b’ful as part of it J

I like that

He’s real to me

God…very…guiding…forcing me to stay away from all the evil the world flushes onto me

It keeps me focused

Vini remains grounded even tho there’s so much nonsense happening in her life

Even tho there’s so much evil in the world

She remains grounded cos of her family

I can do that too

I can I will

I shall not say anything negative to myself anymore

I shall shut out all the negativity the world throws onto me

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