Sunday, 14 December 2008


It's true
some of the best days don't have photos to show just how perfect they were
and I thought today was gonna be just another walk in the park
but no!
God had different plans!
800 bucks had to be stolen
mom had to yell and scream
and embarrass me at every possible moment by telling the salesmen and the woman on the bus the whole story
and she's planning to train us at the art of the pickpocket
ok never mind
the point is we still had fun
we still got a LOT of Christmas shopping done
and even tho we were awfully tired
we spent hours getting to know her new phone
Hello Moto!
he he
and san disc 8gb..hello!! to u too!
I'm not gonna lose u i promise and i wont give u viruses either

at the end of the day it felt good to be home
not at some party somewhere guzzling rum with other disinterested ppl
My place is home now
cos here's where I'm happiest
Here's where I feel I'm doing smt worthwhile with my life
even if its just an episode of criminal minds
I like doing nothing
nothing makes me happy :)
and i mean that in the sincerest way possible
There are times when being out there
and doing all that
with all those ppl matters
and no denying those times have been some of the best of my life
but right now

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