Monday, 23 February 2009

In a Fit of White Paint

Rage drives the world mad. Laziness is the new Mother of Invention. Mottos that said ‘Service is Pride’ yesterday read ‘Proud to Serve’ today.

The day before my World Literature Exam was a sort of rock-bumping madness. I realize at 12am that I am textbookless. The couldn’t-care-less-ness of last semesters bunking has made me quite immune to things like this. So indifferent am I to the calamity of having nothing to study, I refuse to read the mailed notes! Instead to occupy wasted time, I feed friends jokes about Rhinos and Ponytails.

Exam fear is a 9th STD phenomenon that hit my 20 year old ‘mature’ mind at 2:02am. Rushing to Pinto’s blog, I click up the 6 page long essay by that Russian guy with an unpronounceably impossible name. I thank my lucky stars for the English Teacher of the 21st century! Then of course, ADD of my ZAP86 generation kicks in. Scrolling to a movie review, I engross my two-minute mind with a Danny Boyle kickback. Ah! Peacefulness! But spotting Juvenile Journalist is not quite enough for this brain. Driven by creativity, I stretch out to a black mug I had planned to paint up for a friend. Dabs of white paint later, I scratch out the words I’d like to express thanking this dear old Mickey Mouse of a man.

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