Thursday, 19 February 2009

Turning over a new leaf

I want to feel worth it tonight
I got kicked out for treating a classroom like a canteen.
The teacher wears backless blouses with money falling out...still blaming me?

Respect is something you learn.
Leaders are born!
I stopped believing in those cliches a long time ago.
But somewhere along the way, the idea man caught my attention.
He asked me questions I couldn't answer.
He answered questions with hands in his deep empty pockets, making me smile at his music as I lay down in blueness.
And I loved the feeling of being a dropout brat!
I loved the feeling of having talked to a duck!
I loved the way I'm dedicated to Sherlock Holmes instead of James Bond.
And it's these kind of Guest lectures which I start admiring.
It's these blank faced geeks I start worshiping.

I throw Mint ice cream on the talky walkies that told me I'm not worthwhile unless I can advertise a broke bank in a 30 sec SFX limit!
I throw tomatoes at the softies. I bang my job hunting phone down on the colour that tells me I know nothing bout the music biz.
I am arrogantly selfish when I say 'I need a reference letter. But I don't need a report card!'

Marks matter to the ppl who say life has only sour grapes to offer. That was a 10th STD debate!
I won't listen any more! I love the cheering squad I've made in college. But I prefer that challenge which an obstacle rat race offers.

So, yeah, I will turn down that manager who judges me by my marks. I will show off my co- curricular-award-filled-pink file which bulges outta proportion. Hopefully, I will still get a job, a voters ID and earn enough to visit Vancouver in the fall!
Pray for me!

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