Sunday, 26 July 2009

Coming back

Tears are falling from my tired, sleepy eyes. The faint smell of food beckons. But I know i need to finish this before it's too late.
Most of the time, it's not the places you miss, it's the people. Today I missed Joyce, I missed Naik. I made a new friend and caught up with some old ones. It was fun hopping from huddle to huddle getting to know them all again. Nothing much has changed. The same people are in charge. The fun ppl dare to dress weird. The weird ppl dare to have fun. And thru all the sparkling bluebells and smokey mountains, our childlike spirits shone thru.
Some reunions are disappointing cos no one shows up.
This wasn't like that.
Some reunions are boring cos it's the same old people.
This was not like that.
Some reunions are fun cos it's been so long.
This was like that.
5 years!!
It feels like yesterday we all wore sarees for the very first time.
It feels like yesterday that we said goodbye to that faithful stone building.
All of us have grown up, none of us have grown old.
Vini still flauts her messy curly hair.
Nothing ever changes.
It feels like the world has come to a standstill and it's waiting for you to catch up and then it will start spinning again. Let this pause remain like a time capsule unopened. I'll keep coming back to it in the Tulip room, in the stone chapel, in keepsake boxes and facebook albums.
Time to unload and upload.


  1. You have such a huge girl crush on me! Get over it already!

  2. NAIK!! What happened to staying on Gtalk forever??

  3. btw 'Anonymous' has this dirty habit of mailing insults when comments dont suffice!!