Monday, 3 August 2009

Music Inspires

I haven't written good poetry in a while. I haven't had that simultaneous flow of thought and tap of keyboard for a long time now. I didn't sit here and make up my mind to write. It just happened.

I put on music as I always do. I opened a word doc quite by mistake and typed out the words of the song as they rang in my ears. Just the first line. The rest came tumbling out as if it had been wrapped up in me for too long.

Dave Mathews Band helped with the first one.

Come crash into me

Make me feel alive again

Give this limp body some energy

Even some pain.

I’m the king of the castle

Best at all I do

No room for improvement

No need for change

Gravity always wins

I fly and I fall

Wearing out my wings

I could go through the ceiling

Holding my head up high

Bringing me closer

To me next fall


And then Breathe by Anna Nalick

She calls me

Cos I’m still awake

She knows me too well

I calm her fears

I lay her in a safer bed

A safer dream

Breathe just breathe

Silent waves of comfort freeze her

Sinking deeper into her numb bones

And as she gives up to moonlight

I stare into space for a few more hours

Pleading for the comfort I just gave away.

I particularly like this one inspired by Audioslave. It's called Bleed.

Die alone

Curled up

Hang on

Stand tall

Rope round

Hell bound


Somewhere in between I also did a Fake Plastic Trees poem. Radiohead really has the best lyrics.

If I could be who you wanted

I wouldn’t have to live this half life

Wondering what I should be.

If I could be who you wanted

I would finally live

Up to all your expectations

Up to all mine.

If I could be who you wanted

I wouldn’t have to crawl

Into the spaces inside of me

And hide away.

Align Center**********************************************************************

The rest of it is a little crap. Maybe a little later, I'll try again.

An hour and a few rearrangements later, the crap makes sense.

Pardon me


No one can see

Me on my way

To losing my mind

My mistakes amount to nothing

No more this burden I bear

In a world too full of care.

Pardon me

I’m cursed

A moth above the flame

Drawn to death

Craving its light

Fighting the will to fight.


I end the night the way it started hoping tomorrow will come full circle completing me in some tiny way.


  1. Everything and nothing comes full circle and your tomorrow will as well. But like everything that comes full circle(which is basically everything, what would be the point?

  2. I like the feeling of no beginnings and no ends that a circle gives you. It somehow makes things seem complete. :)