Sunday, 25 October 2009

Happy Sesquicentinary!

160 posts
160 thoughts
I've been thinking, as usual about me, and I've come up with a few things:
1. I'm getting a passport
2. If I survive a year in IBM, I'll survive a year around the world.
3. I'm hungry
4. I take a long time to wake up.
5. There are a few ppl who get me and I love and miss the way they do.
6. Some ppl care too much
7. I need a new crush.
8. I watch TV only on Wednesdays
9. I don't sleep enough...or bathe enough...;-P
10. I went to Hyderabad n ate Rajasthani food!
11. I learnt a lot from that 3 mins that took me away from the last Goodbye.
12. I have 5000 less in my bank account.
13. I tipped the pizza guy Rs101.
14. I lost my Green Apple/Hamamun-smelling lipgloss
15. Art is the beginning of the word Artificial
16. All we need to document our lives is a birthdate, a deathdate a 3 word name and a
head n shoulders shot. This is all we need to show we existed.
Now multiply that by 10.....


  1. One reply. 16 things that come to mind.

    1. Ration Card? PAN Card? Driver's License?
    2. IBM can't be that bad.
    3. Officially 50% (close to it) and unofficially, more than 75% of India's
    population is hungry.
    4. Who doesn't?
    5. Yeah, right!
    6. Some people care too less. Balance!
    7. Do you now?
    8. Because they show what on Wednesdays?
    9. Who does? This is Bangalore.
    10. Thank god for that.
    11. What did you learn, in a nutshell?
    12. Ah, the malady of all maladies.
    13. Did the pizza guy look like Will Smith in The Pursuit Of Happyness?
    14. Whatever is Hamamun?
    15. Art is also the beginning of Artichoke.
    16. Nope, we also need blogs. :) .

    Don't multiply it by anything. Just messing.

  2. 1. Yes, Yes, No!
    2. It isn't!
    3. true
    4. Some ppl just jump out of bed, ready to live a new day
    5. no comment
    6. I guess
    7. I do :)
    8. Greys Anatomy and criminal Minds
    9. No comment
    10. No Comment
    11. not a nutshell sorta learning
    12. by choice
    13. No
    14. Hamaam! the soap!
    15. No comment
    16 true :)
    we're getting there...