Friday, 30 October 2009

QuotED 2oo (Calvin n Hobbes special)

Miss Wormwood: What state do you live in?
Calvin: Denial.
Miss Wormwood: I don't suppose I can argue with that...

It started with complete oblivion. I knew I didn’t want to know.
Slow grief rises, falls, completes.
Green grapes, water filters, REM
Phase 2: Talk therapy, music and msgs.
Tonight I shall dance on her grave.
Mom and dad say I should make my life an example of the principles I believe in. But every time I do, they tell me to stop it.

Every time I try to be the individual she trained me to be, my decisions are treated with more criticism.

Susie: When life gives you a lemon, make lemonade.
Calvin: I say, when life gives you a lemon, wing it right back and add some lemons of your own!

Susie makes sense only when Jay Leno’s on TV. The rest of the time tit-for-tat is the way to go!

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