Wednesday, 17 February 2010

PUDU post!

I think the best way to describe the whole Pondi experience is the meals!
So here we go...
Meal 1

Breakfast at Surya Resort
Pineapple juice       x  3                       Beautifully presented and Yum!
Chicken Sandwich x  3                       No taste whatsoever!
Coke                    x   1                       For Sharu!
Plain Dosa            x   1                       For Me!     

We were  very sweaty, sandy and hungry after fruitless search for a place to stay.
Music: Beautiful Day - U2
                                   'The heart is a bloom,
                                   Shoots up through the sandy ground.
                                   There's no room,
                                   No space to rent in this town.
                                   You're out of luck,
                                   And the reason that you had to care.
                                   It's a beautiful day
                                   The sky falls, and you feel like,
                                   It's a beautiful day.
                                   Don't let it get away
                                  You're on the road,
                                   But you've got no destination
                                  You're in the mud,
                                  In the maze of her imagination
                                  You love this town,
                                  Even if that doesn't ring true
                                  You've been all over, 
                                  and it's been all over you

                                 It was a beautiful day
                                 Don't let it get away,
                                 Beautiful day
                               What you don't have,
                               you don't need it now,
                               What you don't know,
                               you can feel it somehow,
                               It was a beautiful day...

Meal 2
Georgios :)

We overpaid an auto to take us to this quaint little Italian place, which happened to be walking distance from our beautiful boathouse - yes! we did find an amazing place to stay!
'Pizza's all we got', said thr Malasian woman not bothering to shift from her reclining position.

A girl, - she couldn't have been more than 19 - who took our order, seemed rather disappointed to admit her name was Kamini and not something more exotic. I'll give her credit for being able to pronounce the items on the menu.
'We'll have no 14 and 8 with lime soda please' grin!
'The soda just came in, so let's see how long it takes to get cold' chuckle!
Ultimately a good slice o' chocolate mousse and hot chai topped off the amazin' pizzas. smiles!

We sat there for what felt like hours, reading the newspaper and playing soft music.
'Tranquil' is the right word to describe this place.

Meal 3

Sambani Cafe

After a nice walk, which – to Naik’s dismay – involved a lot of shopping, we ended up next door to our b’ful bouthouse. We had walked into this place earlier in the day and perused the menu while petting Tila, the adorable lab. It looked very promising. Little did we know that Tila, was the only good thing there!
We spent what felt like centuries, just waiting for the food, with nothing but garlicy prawn pakodas and diluted wine to keep our growling stomachs at bay! There was a sweet smelling plate of fried chicken with peanut paste brought to our table. If only we had suck our teeth into it before...'Wrong Table!'... and before we knew it the yummy stuff was whisked away from under our noses and carried away to the neighbouring table of  'I-just-wanna-get-drunk' ppl. Mean, mean creatures! Yes, we are gonna hold it against them for ordering delicious appetizers!
As if this wasn't enough, potential customers - including two semi-interesting foreign dudes - were being shooed away cos of lack of space and food. Yet a large group of  half dressed Indian men managed to take over the area from where some Raggae music was trying it's best to sooth our painfully long wait.
I should mention that by this time in the trip all 3 of us were craving company, any kind of company. A boat-house party plan was hatched, thatched, dispatched...
Anyway, back at Sambanis, when the food did arrive, we really couldn't care less! It was 11pm and the owner of this one-man cafe was paying more attention to his girlfriend!
Very disappointing experience this! It left us too exhausted for the planned beer night and definitely too exhausted to empty the red tub of cold water, orange essence and exfoliated skin.


  1. why do we seem so similar?
    me going to pondi today...hope my gastronomical expeditions are as fulfilling as yours..
    tk cr

  2. done!!1 it was good, the gastronomical expeditions..did u go to lhasa or kofi bar??

  3. Nope! And damn! I still have to finish this post!!

  4. hey cn i link ur post wid my pondi post?n u need to go thr d next time.

  5. it...will gimme some incentive to complete it!!