Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Missing you.

I don’t miss the place, I don’t miss the people, I don’t miss the work, I miss the girl I used to be. I still wake up at 2 sometimes and panic cos I missed my cab!

I miss whining bout Hazel Hicks and flirting with John Kennedy. I miss emails that start with ‘Kindly note…’ I miss the mute button ;)

Let me be myself.

I have to let me be myself and in some way hold on the girl everyone admired. I have to move on without moving away from her.

Giving up on the past doesn’t feel right. Letting go seems more appropriate.

Starting from scratch isn’t necessary, changing architects is!

You’ve left the two towers behind. The ruins don’t matter anymore. You have to decide how happy to be in the new place.

Never in doubt.

So you won’t call the girl who would tell you what it would have been like if you had stayed. You won’t go back to complete what you started. Opportunities you passed by will remain untouched like dinner that never got served.

Already Gone.

He called to say it's over. My last working day will be counted as the 23rd and even though I got paid for last month, it's over. They are going to terminate my contract and that will be the end of me as an IBMer!

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