Saturday, 5 June 2010

Glass Leaves

I put my toes into the water...onto the rocks..rubbed some silt off...found my grounding..stepping skillfully toe by toe...
I was sitting there peacefully..with my fork in the chocolate..wishing they'd change the music...wishing someone would call...but mostly wishing I wasn't wishing at all!
And as I sat there peacefully, a frown appeared on my face. It lingered on my lips as I tucked in the last piece of Dutch Truffle. It lingered on my lips as I picked up my Fab-India paper bag and walked outta the place. It lingered while I got on a bus and paid the conductor. It was still there when I saw the baby fall asleep in her mothers lap. It was still there when I updated my facebook status to 'Swalpa Sad' and even as I reached home and locked the gate, it refused to let go away.
And I kept wondering where it had come from cos when I left the office I was happy, genuinely happy! Double Woohoo Monkey Happy!!! dyu know how happy that is?
I tried to remember the lines of 'Are you Lonesome Tonight?' just to cheer myself up. I swung the paper bag around and almost hit myself with it. And then I turned the volume up and Wonderwall-ed my way home.
What finally made me smile was dancing in the kitchen, just dancing in the kitchen! With no one watching, just me, dancing in the kitchen!
Strange? Sigh...There are stranger things that have made me smile...but this was precious, in it's own little way :)
Of all things, who knew THIS ^ would make me break my blogging silence! I always thought it would be the jeep ride and the traffic light...

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