Friday, 7 January 2011

Time: 2011

Hi You,
How you doing?? *wink wink*

Yes, I'm flirting with time.
Wanna join the warp?
Muah New Year!

You be good to me. I be good to you. Deal?

Yes, I'm bargaining with time.
Are you part of the business plan?
Be Sincere New Year!

I'll always be grateful for you.

Yes, I'm thanking time.
Will you be appreciated?
Thanks and Regards, New Year!

You don't exist to me.

Yes, I'm ignoring time.
Make yourself invisible.
Go Away New Year!

How does that make you feel?

Yes, I'm counseling time.
Comfortable on that couch?
Relax, New Year!

What difference does it make?

Yes, I'm trivializing time.
Buy me one o' those machines.
Common, Grow up,
It's a New Year!

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