Wednesday, 9 February 2011

How I Met Jagat

Destiny, Auto drivers and Sand. Yes, lots of sand :)

It just happened. Nothing planned. Nothing contrived. It's almost like the universe spun a certain way that day just to make things happen the way they did. And boy am I glad they did!

Chemistry Sale.
Pari is pulling off everything in S size off the shelves. Driving the salesgirls up the wall!
AWme calls. 'I'm booking tickets for Goks. You comin?'
Pari, just spotting the purple not-on-sale dress, 'Yeah Sure. Only one day of sick leave right?'

Sugama Travels.
Only 4 right-at-the-back seats available. Travel agent calls to ask if it's fine to give it to 3 city girls.
AWme: We'll bash him up, no worries, Uncle ji.
Me: Wow! we're really going?!

13th Jan, 2010, 9pm. Desperation.
AWme: What the fuck are you doing in a bus! Get an auto. I can't hold up this bus any longer.
Pari: It's not the busstops, it's the fucking traffic lights!!

13th Jan, 2010, 9.35pm. Lost Cause
Pari: I'm at the metro construction place.
AWme: We passed that ages ago.
Pari: Fuck it! I can see myself going to work tomorrow. It's never gonna happen.
Superman Auto Driver: Sugama Travels?
Pari (near tears): Yes.
Sharp turn. A blur of Travels signs. A nilsbidi.
Pari: 'The bus to Gokarna. Has it left?'
Counter Guy: 10-15 mins
Pari: It left 10-15 mins ago?
Counter Guy: No. It's getting here in 10-15 mins!
Ok he may not have included the exclamation, but I did!

13th Jan, 2010, 9.50pm. Excitement
I can't believe this is really happening.
ATM. Mallu Shop. Biscuits. Vaseline. Wait.

13th Jan, 2010, 10.34pm. Comfort
Munching Pakodas in the bus.
Last-ticket guy offers to share his blanket with AWme.
Tups needs to pee.
It's all good.

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