Thursday, 14 April 2011

Enchanting 2oo


I wish he would call
I'm not clingy or insecure but I wish he would call.


A short good bye now
A short goodbye now
A short goodbye

We kissed at the busstop.
That dutty place!


You make my heart skip beats
I want to wake up to you everyday
Just so I can hear you breathe


The music helped. The rum, honey and chocolate mousse did nothing to deter.
I can’t say it was physical.
Take all our blind minutes together and make long, sultry summer days.
Come here my skinny love
Gimme some of your patience.
Loose yourself on me.
Tie me to you
I love you to extinction


Taking out the map and
Cut it up in pieces
Taped it up together with no space between us

04/01/2011   12:12 pm                                                                                  

get urself together woman
this is not allowed
its forbidden
just dont let it happen to u
it cant!!!!!

it's funny how pain eats pain

And if I were holding your hand you would know I'm unsure
But if you were holding it like you needed to
I would hold on like I never needed to let go.

he's slipping out of my fingers
I can feel it happening.


Why it's more awesome to be Dark Skinned:

1. You don't need to Wax as often!

2. You can wear tight shoes and the marks won't show.

3. Hickies are not as evident. Plus they heal faster!

4. Scratchmarks don't go red!

5. Guys don't look like babies once they shave.

6. Pimples are not as evident

7. You don't look pale and dead with no make up.

8. People don't go around pinching your cheeks.

9. You don't blush as much!

10. You don't get called Firang!

11. Crying is less evident.

12. Dark Circles are less evident.

I can think of only 2 disadvantages:

1. Black n white pictures don't look THAT great.

2. All colours don't suit you.


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