Monday, 15 August 2011


It's funny that the theme for this week's photo contest is crying.
I spent an afternoon doing it and it didn't make me feel any it sometimes does.
I feel empty and shapeless
I sound haunted and angsty again
I haven't cried this hard in a long time
It's not an alcohol induced pain relived
It's real and it won't go away
This blog's been filled with happy posts lately
and I HAVE been happy lately
I just need to cry now
Go away
Don't bring tissue paper
Just make it go way
Put it off
He's mine.
It's alright if I send him train confirmation messages
I can be insecure with him
I can show him I'm insecure about some things
I can be weak with him
Isn't that what you wish for sometimes?
Someone you can be weak with?
Someone who'll love you for your greatest insecurities...
And help you realise you've always had the strength to not only hide but fight them.
That's who he is for me now. and I know I can't give him up.
a drug that does that for you is indispensable...A person...

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