Sunday, 23 October 2011

Enchanting 3ee

I wish I could tell you I'm playing Angry Birds and it's the only thing on my mind.
I'm not in the mood for small talk
I'll eat all the pasta myself if I have to

Was on my way home
With a bubbling smile on my face
I looked out of the window at the billboards and I saw pain
In all the poses, in all the eyes, the same pained expression.
The road was untarred
But it was ours
And i could see him trying to destroy it
I saved the laptop from being crushed by a lorry
And then his family came, his daughters
'I left him out for 5 minutes, just 5', she says
I ignore the call from the boys landline, thinking to myself, Today's a mess!
Somedays you wake up happy and somedays you don't.
Somedays make you smile and somedays you just don't!

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