Thursday, 13 December 2012

Resume rewritten

Resume rewritten
Sent to many monster jobs
Should send to Elijah
And I don't know what to do next! 
I got a lot of offers from monster. None that I would consider. 
I'm late to work today. Like really late. I'm supposed to be there by now. This is something I won't be able to do with my next job. 
I applied for two jobs. One in Jodhpur and one in Mauritius. Cos I'm bored. But I'm trying to avoid calls from unknown numbers. So I may have missed some important ones. Anyway it will work out if it has to. 
Applied to a job in Mauritius and they wrote back asking details of my work experience. I probably won't get it because it's a software company and I made it clear I have no training or experience in that. But it's exciting to think about. I even checked the currency of Mauritius and the cost of living there. 4 lacs per annum is a good amount. I'm quite interested to see how this will turn out.

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