Thursday, 10 May 2007

I'm usual

Sheesh!! This blog was created last month and it's still blank! shame on me!
k..I have no idea why I created this blog...ya, madhu's proddings did help...but this is not smt i did just cos everyone else is doing it...i'm not that lame!
But what am i gonna do now..I'm here..I've gotta blog..and I have no clue what to do with it..
Enough of this meaningless nonsesnse (as if any nonsense can ever be meaningful!)

k...I guess I can put up my poetry here...but i already have poetbay for that...
What bout all those msgs I refuse to delete from my inbox..they can find refuge online...or can they? I have a diary for that!
Then what the hell am i gonna do here?!
*two mins of staring blankly at screen*
still clueless!
but gotta say..I like the name of my's just so's just so me...
When i was little my mom used to call me 'Jumbli'...she said I was always like that..all jumbled up...never know what I'm doing..absent minded in a sense...u know what im talking bout..i mean I can open the fridge looking for cheese and end up eating a raw tomato! it's pretty amazing...thats the way my brain works..unfortunately..
ha ha..I just made u read that pointless story!'s pretty clear that I'm jobless..I'm gonna stop rambling now..


  1. Yay yay yay yay! Finally you're here! I cannot wait! Update, update! :D

  2. That rhymes! lol...will is gonna have so much fun being muddled! :)