Thursday, 10 May 2007

my first ever music review

K...this is a music review I wrote for Midday
It's the only opiniated piece of work I've done I guess it deserves a place on my blog..
You must know that it was a little editted by Ram sir (the chief editor of Midday!) But most of it is my own crap..temme what u think...

Still bratty
Album: The Best Damn Thing
Singer: Avril Lavigne

It looks like Lavigne, who started out as a convention-defying, bratty pop rocker, refuses to give up her cocky persona even after finding marital bliss. The stick-in-your-head, cheerleader style lyrics of her new single, Girlfriend, released in April, surprised fans looking for something more soulful after her last album Under My Skin.
The more upbeat songs of The Best Damn Thing retain the smack-in-the-face profanity of Lavigne's trademark tie and stocking, and micro mini garb. The grown-up side of this Canadian recluse is revealed in Keep holding on, which is inspirational, but empty of heart wrenching sincerity.
After her blonde makeover, the grungy, guitar-thrashing icon has lost the adorable angst of her teen years and sold out to mainstream Hollywood. Her punk to pink look gained the attention she craves, but lost the uniqueness that she was admired for.

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