Friday, 31 August 2007

dug up from archives

I found all this scribbled on a page torn from my Pshchology record book

Very interesting stuff

Guessing it’s from feb 2007

  • Why are heartaches more painful than headaches

Why are words more powerful than thoughts.

Why is the world deaf, blind, to me, to my voice,

I’m invisible, born invis-

Below this I drew a six point star and started this one very neatly

  • Stars shine

Cars roar

Water ripples

down the shore

Are you sure

You wanna leave

me here helpless

Are you sure

you can walk away careless

Why do you pretend to

need me

Why do you pretend to know me

Don’t underestimate me

I am powerful with or

Without you.’

Next to that

  • Teardrops



Hail stones

ice, water, steam

I don’t live anymore

I don’t exist

I don’t exist in anyone’s head, or mind or memory

I was a mistake

Champagne Supernova

in the sky

And further down

  • Chocolate Sunshine

in the river

On second thought I changed the last word to ‘water’

There’s also a red heart upside down right where I ended without you and this is written inside the heart

  • It hurts

It bleeds

It breaks

It never takes

It never hates

It never shakes

It’s from an old poem of mine.Below that I find this written diagonally

  • Speeding down the street

faster than your feet

can Take you on a ride

Are you on my side?

and then this

  • I was right here?

When you used to listen to music with

the headphones on your desk

When you used to make me laugh

When you made my friends smile

I was right here

Watching you being u

Why didn’t I see then

What I see now

I needed Chocolate

Sunshine in the river

to show me how special


There’re a lot of other small red hearts all over the paper. Near a cluster of small ones this is scrawled

  • I hide jealousy behind a rhyme

Chocolate Sunshine

But I can’t hide my shine.

You can’t teach me to smile 2day

I’m a professional

I hide tears behind my smile

Chocolate Sunshine

I hide anger with torn paper

Chocolate Sunshine

Right on top on the right I find this

  • Wash me away with words

Water, Soap, Cream, Wash

Wish upon a star

I wish I was a star

Far away from here

only a fleck of light

not so bright

Only come out at night

Also somewhere under the big red heart there’s a faint line written in pencil.

  • My Heart is in your art(?!)

All of it is written in pencil, in fact.

I’ve tried to be as accurate as possible while copying it all down, even the capital and small letters.

If you turn the paper the right way up you might find what it was originally intended for

  • A comparison can be drawn between the ………

The rest is illegible.

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