Thursday, 13 September 2007

Barbed wire

The next 5 posts are part of a Novella I wrote. It's written in such a way that each chapter makes sense on its own. You can read each part separately and it would still make sense. Read them together and it makes even more sense :)
Just tell me what you think.
I wish I could put the music up too!
Happy reading :)


  1. hey...a bit scary...reminds me of a lot of stuff...very familiar...but cool and each one makes me wanna see the whole hopefully you'll publish the whole thing,or lend it to me when i come down...very you,i must say... a bit muddled here and there...grin..
    she left me roses by the stairs...suprises let me know she cares...

  2. I think I'm gonna invert the whole thing now

  3. did you notice Mrs Pais is mentioned?