Thursday, 13 September 2007

Muddled Musings

Location: 19, Limon Lane, Little Chenning

Blog Entry dated 13.12. 2006

Blogger: Jennifer Kowler

What would you say if the guy you had a great big crush on turned out to be a total loser? No. not a loser-a jerk! A disgusting murder-capable…I don’t know. I can’t describe it. I can’t think anymore. So here’s the story.

On the edge of town…that’s where I live on the edge of town on a street called Limon Lane. It’s one of those typical suburban communities you would find in any typical stay-at-home sitcom. But that doesn’t matter now because what happened here is something you won’t believe…What am I saying?! Let’s get down to it. Here! Here! In Little Chenning the murder was committed right here! He took her and threw her on the barb wire. Just with his bare hands, he picked her up and thrashed her against the rusted coil. Once, twice, it must have been easy for him to lift her above his head like that. She was an…I don’t care about her. She was always weird. But why would he do that? What had she done? She didn’t even scream. I ran…I wouldn’t have heard anything anyway. I ran…Did he see me?

But why would he do that? He’s the most handsome guy in the world. You should see him without a shirt on…those abs! Ooo! And when he walks-no-strides down the street with those magnificently muscular legs…ah! I could just die watching him.

And they were happy. They were always canoodling in the park, sharing an icecream cone or lying in the grass staring at the stars. Yes, I had been watching them. They were the epitome of a perfect relationship. I would wish I was her-in his arms, in his bed. Or maybe I just wished I had something like that. maybe I wasn’t jealous of her-just jealous of what she had. But now she’s dead and the jealousy must die with her.

What about him? Is he going to be caught? Is he going to jail? Does he deserve to? It was her fault. I’m sure it was her fault! The conniving little bitch! She must have had an affair, broke his heart, poor darling! He was positively furious. I couldn’t make out what he was yelling, but it was loud, loud and painfilled painfilled-is that even a word?-Mrs Pais would kill me if she saw it. Oh! Right. This is supposed to be an essay for my creative writing paper. But I can’t write this. It’s too…too real. Too real to be believable. If I went downstairs and told Dad about it, he’d have a good laugh.

“Jennie, you’re always coming up with this sort of nonsense. Things like that never happen”

But I had proof! Oh, how could I forget, I have proof!

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