Friday, 16 November 2007

Phucked Phone, Fucked Future

Aphoristic brevity..hmmm

I’m dancing on my keyboard with an ice block in my melting fingers J

I love chocolate but it can’t cure my phoney phix

;\ ;[ :{ :[ make good grumpy faces

I have a never ending must watch/listen to do list….

What ill do doesn’t depend on what I want to do

Considering I want to sleep at this is not working very well

Considering my phone is my life

Its switched off right now

Buried beneath pics of a girl who smiled in the face of disaster..the one I used to be

I used to follow the retard smile theory without even knowing it]

I was too much of a dimpler to notice

I take awesome pics

Wont be able to now

It makes death groans, battle cries as it helplessly blinks itself into permanent sleep

My phone that is

The one who’s battery I fucked up

The one that isn’t even really mine

The one I have to pay for from my naked bank accounts

Chocolate for him too

Wreaths of brown dark brown chocolate wont cure him

He has attitude man I miss him

Icy fingers type faster

They really do iced lips chap faster

They do

They really do

Angry eyes close faster

They do they really do

Ppl like me break faster

They do they really do

Listening to…..someone else’s past playlist…

Swollen numbness

Random thoughtedness

Confounded contemplationism


All isms are worthless questions of philosophy

The understood is tagged

Woken up

Slept down

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