Thursday, 15 November 2007

Spring cleaning

Tonight I cry myself to sleep
In a strangers bed
In a strangers head

That's never gonna happen again!
I'm gonna make sure that never
happens again
It's not wrong to be emotional
or sentimental!
But there's so much more to you
Ur funny
U make friends with ppl on the bus
U get grossed out by funny things
and laugh at gross things
He he
And that's ok :)

Rule No 1) U will not msg only one person continuously for a day...not even a day.
2) Writing may cure nuerostamia but it can also cause another type of mental disturbance
if you don't do it right
NO More msg Diaries!
I know u loved it but u were addicted to no more
No more...

3) U will not apologize for being yourself!
U will not let anyone invade ur
personal space NO! NO! NO!
Personal space-u've forgotten the
meaning of that- haven't u?
He he it's ok
Things will start making sense

4) Too much of a good thing is bad
Let ppl handle their own problems
for a change
They are capable of it u know :)
And they know when to ask for
help u don need to go
running every time you see a
Yes, making someone else smile
makes u smile but thats not
the only thing
Nonsensical TV shows, crappy jokes,
funny faces in the mirror,
those things feel good too.
Enjoy Maadi

1 comment:

  1. i broke one of my vows..have been msging this one guy continuously for two days...msg box gets full thrice a day!! scared...