Sunday, 23 December 2007

God Of the Stars

This is my christmas!
sitting on the roof all alone
just thinking to myself
me, my phone

the uninvited neighbours,

the bracelet and chocolate,
unepectedly found in my pocket,

the tank,
the water marked christmas tree

and me :)


Its like life started today. As if Christ really died for me today.
I believe in a God.
A god i saw in the stars tonight
The God who let me forget my music, my computer, my world
The God who created this moon

Its not much but he did show me how to take some brilliant pics tonight
Just use whats around you
gold foil, wire, 11 feet against gravity

street lights, leaves

anything..anything can make a good photo
It's all in your head
appeture, focus, lighting, framing
You need nothing!!
Just you youself and that power coming from the stars
That power termed God
You were born spiritual.
The world has made you religious
Be headstrong
u know it
inside u all answers lead to the same problem
its not confusion
u know why u dont believe
u cant let go of what you never had
of what u have needed, wanted, desired
all your life

u need to free fall
off a cliff,
outta a bus,
from that pedestal,
you need to be unafraid of death,
of the fear of death,
of everything that binds u to this earth.
if u dont, then ur just human
ur just alive
if u do, ur done, ur self actualised,
ur ready to die.
neihter seems profitable at the time
so u stand at cross roads
singing, dancing, drinking away
this life ur god has given you
this life their god judges you
this life u judge urself
that's what u should allow urself
the freedom from judgement
the right to say 'I have no prejudices'
To say it out loud
with no fear
of being ridiculed
then u can allow urself to believe
in a god
The god of the bible?
My god of the stars!
then u can form ur own rules
ur own church
a single person church :)
i like the idea of that!
I shall rest on it...


  1. Ooo... very interesting... you know I love how you write!
    And the pics are really something!
    Lovely post... Must have felt so good when you were done... and its very you !! :)

  2. :) thats the point..btw..this is my new idea of heaven..evolved hasn't it?