Thursday, 27 December 2007

Christmas :)

i donno what im doing online so late
i just cant sleep before 5am
i love the internet
music: alanis morrisette
msging: everyone's asleep
even the two bums who came to spend the night at my place are snoring
they fought over the bed for almost an hr...
i like the movie we watched..maybe i should have kept it for myself
i might as well write about christmas...since i'm here anyway
(i like the no capitilisation rule)
so christmas was the best day ever!!
no i really mean that...i had the best of all worlds...three sleepovers..old friends..coll friends..bro...everyone made it perfectly dysfunctional..there was nothing missing...
beer...chandy..cake..tree climbing..sunset star gazing..everything that makes a perfect day
dont forget the ppl..:) i loved the part (lunch) when there were 3 sets of ppl in the house
the, harish, the middle room...
me, bro and su in the veranda and
sum am bijju outside..ha ha..
the best conversation ever
lots of yelling and screaming, laughing, oh lets not forget the fashion shows and the clothes and the mess..i donno why im writing this memory is fantastic!
plus i have videos and pics of the madness
mom got a digi cam btw :)
i love my family
they say that at 20 u become more family oriented
u get used to ur mom screaming
u get used to arguing with ur bro
and then life becomes just a little easier
suddenly ur first priority is protecting them
making them happy
making sure they know u love them..lots
:) christmas was like that
exactly like that :)

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