Tuesday, 15 January 2008


Yes, they are cute, immensely cute!
Also immensely vulnerable...
Take this quad-

They're cute, adorable, quintessential puppies..sleeping their asses off on the roadside..parents near by..So i empty out my tiffin box a couple o' times..they become friends..they follow me home..what am i to do? no harm anyway..well not till...
Then it happens..this is the second time this morning I step outta the house..the first one ended in a desperate trip back to my loo (Mexican chicken Stuffed Crust Pizza is sooo worth it!!)
I walk outta my gate and there it is..the carcass of a little creature..mutilated!! torn to bits..unrecognizable, but for the fact that it's siblings are chewing on it's flesh, there's no way to tell that the fly-ridden carcass once belonged to one of those snug little doggies!!
Sad!! no sad is not the word!! It's horrendous!! who would do such a thing? Murder a dog, a pup!!
awww..no amount of sympathy is enough tho..the stench will be unbearable by the afternoon and the remaining flesh and bones will be deposited in the dustbin with all the other dead dogs,
cats, squirels and cows
run over by traffic in residential areas every single day!!
Sigh...so much for a Good Morning!

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