Friday, 30 October 2009

Wake Up To Whoever You Are

You're on the grey line…the line between Love and Hate, Pride and Self-doubt, Narcolepsy and Insomnia, Ambition and Sloth…
Nothing defines you completely and yet the fact that you're grey defines how you live.
You used to be this 'Crusher' chasing love, never knowing if you're worth it. Then love chased you and you redefined things.
You're not sure whether to play Babylon or Champagne Supernova. Cos both could make you extremely happy or extremely depressed.
It's that time of the year again when being single comes with a bittersweet stigma.
You re-evaluate your relationships, clear your 'room' and make space for yourself. You're just not sure how much space to allot, how much you're worth, how much they think you're worth.
But you're not the leader of the Anti-Valentine day Campaign either. The wounds have healed, slowly. Are they ready for the new world?
The 'I-wanna-break-free'ness of 2008 seems too exuberant at times, too daring.
I know I'm worth it and I know I can get it. But how much do I really want? Could I do without it?
Sigh...Can't hide from myself for too long. He may make me feel guilty and part of me believes him but I've put it behind me and I should allow myself to live and love. I need someone who can make me feel wanted, special. The concept of 'ideal' doesn't need to conform to 10th std, Shania-Twainish romanticism! But that girl is still alive in me and she doesn't want to stay in the cynical well any longer.
Free her!

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