Friday, 30 October 2009


My grandmom died on the 23rd of May
I started this post then....I'm attempting to complete it today.
I have a very small family.
I should be denied Indian citizenship for having only 1 cousin!
So, it should be hard to loose a family member.
Another thing you should know bout me - Besides my mom and Bro, I don't really know anyone else in my family.
I used to mail my aunt in Canada and Yahoo Doodle with the one in India.
I wanted (very badly) to attend my cousin's wedding in August this year. But the day passed me by without a faint flicker of 'Oh its her wedding today. I wish I was there.'
Even she said it wasn't the greatest time to visit as they would be busy with all the other guests and she's right.
The pics look good. I like the fact that she had a Parsi blessing ceremony. :)
Anyway, the point is, I dint feel hurt when I heard my grandmom was no more.
I dint feel a thing when I visited my aunt on her deathbed.
I really dint get creeped out when we stayed in her house and I slept in her room.
I read 'The Colour Purple' while I was there.
Now my mom is the sole survivor of the Reys family.
True, we do carry the surname as well. But our children won't.
In fact, if my brother doesn't have kids, that's the end of the Gamat family as well.
(Not that I have to worry much about that)
I want to know what it feels like to be part of a large family.
I want to marry into one.
I want to have In-Laws and second cousins and Grandfathers Uncles wives!
You get the point.
I didn't think I would be writing bout my family today.
I thought I would be writing bout Lakme.
Does it matter now?

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