Monday, 4 February 2008

Phone Poetry


We don have it!
yes we saved cos we knew we had to..
and then we spent..
a new fridge,
a new phone
and now we're broke..
coll fees for two..
in a week will be due..
no money to insure ur life
or ur work..
it sucks to be broke!


He asked if I wanted to run
I love chasing cars
So he took my arm and raced with me
In front of a purple bus
Around a speeding bike
And behind an angry Indica
Am I surprised I'm still alive?
Or did I trust his hold on me?

To Nehal

Dreams of u I'll never stop having
Why are you such an intricate part of him?
Why can't u break free?
Have you forgotten who u were without him?
Don't let him define u
For u are all u have without him
Don't let him quench that thirst in u
That innate desire to be
Don't let him steal what's left of u
He'll leave very little to live by
I warn u
If u have the courage to leave him
Leave him behind
As untraceable history
Not broken nightmares.


He's crying
I can see the tears through the hate
Through the pain
He smells the same
Old Spice and Leather
He laughs the same
Piercing through Silence
But when he cries
He cries alone


In the corner of the world where the sun don shine
And the moon don sing a night song,
In that corner of the world I'd like to stay
Without a care all lifelong.

In that corner of the world where the sun don shine
And the sparrows wing aint so strong,
In that corner of the world I'd like to fly
Without a care all daylong.

Where songs don simmer,
Where kings don rule,
Where girls don flirt
And tombs don dig for kingkong

In that corner of the world I'd like to live
Without a care all nightlong.


What will you do when you can't swallow the devil within you?
Would you wallow in the pain of being you?
What would you do when the magic of sunshine fades from the air?
Will you survive the ridicule of darker despair?
What would you do when the seas go dry?
Would you care to cry them full again?
And what if you can’t see the star filled skies?
Would you give up every spark inside you for a little twinkle?

How much would you give to let a crying baby live?
Would you hold up a landslide with broken wings?
What are you willing to give up to see her smile?
Or did you drown doubt with dung?
How long has it been since the last sunrise?
Is it easy to pretend those aren’t tears in her eyes?

What’s the matter with you?
Can’t you see I’m trying?
When did money become your primary prospect?
Choosing to ignore guilty hunger you humour her tears,
With wet tissues you dry the rain.
Will you protect her from thunder like she shielded you from flying sand?
When insult swells you swing unjust words to defend,
Where arrows pierced you pour sweet wine.

On a clear day moss doesn’t grow on trees.
Rolling stones play summer tunes.
Fish fly,
Clothes dry,
Wind thrills little sand hills.

You climb with muddy shoes,
Tired hair,
Swollen feet
Hurry honey!
Smiles don’t last forever.
Angels cry,
Stars collide,
In a manger a grasshopper prays.
Gates open,
Doors shut,
Windows break,
Sunlight streams in.
What would you do when two worlds collide?

Your elastic heart wrapped around her shoulders,
Kiss flying lies,
Kids will give in.
She won’t believe.
The hunger subsides,
You run out of words.

Would you dare comfort with hugs?
Unasked for.
She retaliates.
Repeating her plea for solitude,
Space to be her tearful self.
You can’t allow that,
It would deny you the pleasure of being the martyr.

Two hours later you still can’t unwrap the layers.
Knives, spears, lip balm from the make out kit.
Nothing can scare her into revealing her sorrows.
Maybe they’re too trivial to disclose,
Maybe they’re too deep,
Maybe they involve hating someone you love,
Maybe they’re inconsolable.
Maybe the dust on the shelf is meant to protect,
Maybe the cracks in the pipe leaks only one season
Just maybe, she needs to cry without a reason.

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