Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Don't Make Me Hate You

"Keep smiling...never be angry", he smiled
"I can't be
You know I can't
I can't hate
I can't be angry
I can only be sad
And mad
And bad", I wink.

He laughs, "You shouldn't be bad"
“Why not?"
"And it’s good that you can't hate"
"No it's not!"

Suppose you do something really bad someday
Something unforgivable
Would you want me to hate you?
Would you expect me to leave you?
Would you cling to me and promise never to err again?
"I would need friends to be at my side that time
I won't let such a situation arise"
"I know baby
But suppose I can't
Suppose i can't find the strength to be near you at that time?
Would you hate me for deserting you?
You better not make me hate you
Please don't ever.

'Cos I can’t trust myself to last forever
Don’t make me choose again
Don’t make me make the same mistake
Don’t give me a chance
To hate you."

"What are you trying to say?"
"I donno
I'm just saying
I never want to repeat mistakes"
"I won't give u a chance to hate me even 0.00000000000000000001%"
"What mistakes...Akshay’s?"
"Donno if I'll ever forgive myself for leaving him"

I dreamt about him yesterday
I dreamt that it was raining
And I was near Kid’s Kemp
But I couldn't go inside
Cos he was there with his girl
And I could see them buying Baskin Robins ice cream
And I was drenched in the rain
But I was too scared to go in.

Then they come out
And I run
Needed to escape
But I'm too late
And I slip and fall
And he laughs at me
Really mocks me
And comments on how stupid I am

Then I get mad
And I scream
But I can't scream at him
I can't
I know him too well
To hate him
So I...
"Quite a nightmare!"
It gets worse
I scream at his girlfriend
And I say 'YOU DON'T CARE!!
Just go away!'
And she seems hurt
And she says
'I care. I do care'
It’s really sad
That I have to give her up
With him, I have to give up
Life as I knew it.

Sometimes I’m thankful I chose to
Ignore the rudeness,
Slide over the sly remarks...
I can tell what he's thinking by looking at him
That eye conversation may be silenced in a while.

Don't let that happen with you
I want to know you inside out
Every inch of you is intriguing
And I can’t stop myself
Never let me find anything
I could possibly hate
Cos I'll be too in love with you
To stop then.

If you're hiding something
Stop now
Stop letting me in
Cos one day
I'll find out
And I'll be hurt.

Don't let me hate you
Don't give my elastic heart
A chance to break
Don't make it hate
Don't let it make the same mistake.


  1. "If you're hiding something
    Stop now
    Stop letting me in
    Cos one day
    I'll find out
    And I'll be hurt."

    Once again, i interpret it, with my own life in mind... Thats why he did it din't he? He was hurt.

  2. I guess so..but u had warned him to stay away cos u knew it would hurt..