Wednesday, 2 April 2008

I made a list today
In my head I made a list of all the reasons I'm unhappy
It was a long list
The last one was
It doesn't matter to anyone if I'm happy
I'm not happy cos my happiness doesn't matter to anyone
I'm alive
cos I need to be
i'm not happy
cos I don't need to be
Then I cried
And I slept
And I dreamt
I dreamt of Sports day in Anvesh
Mrs Sequiera
Ashish Bose and family
A few Christites too
Theobald house
And I was Captain
as usual
Akshay thought I slit my wrists
Now why would I do that?
Stupidest thing
Nehal told me
He gave me lime juice


  1. these are good days in a way...makes you feel better after...but think of sunday, and the hail storm..maybe it ll make you feel better...and by the way..u know me!

  2. Chris! Kris! Chris?? of course I know u! grin!