Thursday, 10 April 2008

Dark dreaming

Su and Arun were singing the same song
I laughed
They stopped

We were in some Wonderla kinda place with Sudhamshu
Ramona was there
I met Joshua
Nehal and all dint have as much fun as I did
I dint like the merry go round

We were boating on a lake

Vini and Tricia and me in Abhaya's class
Held in my living room
I'm taking notes
Su and Adrien also feature
I get to put a Egyptian cap thing on Adrien's head
Su remembers that Sum is alone at home and rushes back in the rain without telling anyone

We time travel back to some kinda sports day
Held in Inner Circle
Adrien has a girl
They're cute together
I see Vini
I'm with Yentyl
Even Shilka is there

And the other night I was at a wedding with some Bollywood actor
We play a prank on someone
Then we unwrap gifts
Menon and I are listening to a Simon and Garfunkel song
And Dancing
It felt like I was floating
I spend the night at his place
He has a huge room
We share a bed
In the morning
I'm brushing my teeth
Su's earrings are near his sink
Even Osho's multi-religious ones
We make up this story
About me having a boyfriend
So that his parents wont suspect anything
He says I can wear tracks
I have to go to coll
My red kurta is there
But I need white pajamas
So we go to his moms room
I see his dad on the way
Sitting with Firangs at the dinner table
In his moms room there's this huge TV
he puts on the comedy channel
This girl is trying to answer some question
She goes aaaaaa-a-aaaa
I wake up
It's 5am
The Namaz is on in the mosque
Thats where the aaa-aaa-aaa came from
I wonder if someone was playing Scarborough Fair too.

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