Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Bye Bye Bangalore

"I'm out of town..at a friends place"
"At su's place"
"I'm in Kerela!"
For a sec..ok a day... i thought i couldn't write this post without the right pictures
I still cant write it without the pics but while i wait for the bum..

so while waiting for my opponent on the dot game..i seem to be doing a lot of waiting lately
hmm..so fun and frolic
i miss it oh wait
So I'm back trying hard
The girl who woke up at 6am with jewelery on strikes a chord. Maybe hindi serials are based on reality.
And today as Vaik was playing with my teddy bears (Yes, a 20 yr old who spent quality time dressing stuffed animals) reminded me of the wind up toys at his aunts place
and that particularly pink doll whose butt matched Smita's (my fat ass boss) lol!
Then the snickers..I went out in the rain to get them..crackle..big bar..tempting..
I refuse to put up this post!!!
'crazy'..played this at the beach..then 'through glass' for syndrome..then 'creep' for loner..then 'secret garden'..which would have been effective if 'darling' hadn't been 'there'..
Its also an internship song..crazy..'she reallly did drive me crazy..I'm losing my mind..girl cos I'm going craaaaaaaazy!' I sang it with a brush in my hand bathroom style..lol
mangalore? why not? one vacation not enough? crazy!
I love his grin..helmet hatao..teeth..grin back
Vaik Bike..Vek Bake..lol..chick bake..'don't say I never got u anything'..reminds me of one tree hill..all erased now..sigh..
wait for next song
ew! stop! join cranberries community..if everybody else is doing it why cant I?
fingers ache
'every street'
smt i dont know
I used to know every street here
but now home feels alone
this is what i thought when i was there too
He must know every street here
I started to recognize a few slowly
There was one that used ladies to advertise everything from lottery tickets to plastic pipes!!
Nice mallu ladies in sarees and oiled hair
Bannana chips, Tapioca chips, coconut in everything and fish
Aarushi Talwar..god..I can repeat those headlines by heart now!
another kerala song..lemon tree!
Rainy monday afternoon it was...nothing ever happens
blue blue sky..
its cloudy
the monsoons are here
another deadend
so i finally learnt how to hyperlink
here's smt
here's smt else
That mermaid looks unreal until u see it here! admit it!
Big time de ja vu!
I have 4043 songs in my media library..isn't that awesome?
ok this isn't at all about Kerela now lets divert
vaik has a great collection too!
I want his Oasis folder
so there are no new pictures out there
and vinay is still online?
Finally Finally Finally!!!
Here I am!!
really this time!
poem i wrote at the beach while trying to remember the lines of chasing cars:

" When all that keeps you from sinking is the sea
You think of me
When all that keeps you from thinking is the sea
You sink in me "

Akshay syndrome little bit
wierd dreams:
1. on the bus back to bangalore: I'm in an auto with Akshay. I'm really sleepy. He gets off. I'm alone. The auto driver is taking me somewhere..i donno where..I freak! I'm too sleepy to argue with him..but I'm scared...
2. Mom is getting married..at least tiny wedding cards are being handed out
3. Someone is moving into Angie's place. Loius and Ambe are playing while I talk to the new owners. very sweet guy. We go upstairs (stairs are plastic and I find hangers with tiny baby clothes) The top floor is a dream closet..It has everything a girl would ever want..dresses beautiful dresses..so many..same colour...same pattern..."my wife is a ballet instructor" he says..it all makes sense..huge rooms ceiling to floor hangers with dresses..orange..purple velvet..white..in diff sizes..then i meet the son..fat round little guy...then the mom..dont expect an Indian somehow..very hospitable..did this house always have so much storage space? I wake up shortly..Angie has msged.."Can you make it on monday" "sure"
4. I'm telling someone about dream 3...akshay is at home with the whole cast of friends..we're all sleeping on one bed..he's restless..paces..lies down..becomes Joey Tribiani!...

My imagination I tell u! never mind..I need a boyfriend..Life is too lazy right now..next..Kerela is forever..
...and I'm still writing
I forgot jeantoe..knuckle crunch..chicken coconut curry, the miranda I never managed to drink, the not-so-veg-chopsuey! the shauremas...or whatever those mayo dripping delicacies were called...the spicy prawn..the hairclip i could have bought here but insisted on buying from the ever-so-crowded store with Muktha and J-oops-i-forgot-her-name! :P The amt of stuff in that inch of a shop is equal to at least half a floor at forum! forever in you..forever in me..i'll remember darling...
There's more..for now...
Did I mention the girl with bright blue, worn-to-bed-jewelery had her fly open?
It's been a week and I'm still writing
~The floater that almost floated away
~Tag on the beach
~silent biker
~ 9 hairpin curves
~Kannada-> Hindi-> English
~Snakes and ladders
~Gooey growing balls
~Shoe sizes
~I climbed in my Rocksters (should not be mistaken for rock-climbing footwear)
~these bullets look like waves :)

+ ok bye-it's like she needs to warn you everytime she hangs up. She's telling you 'I'm about to hang up all of a sudden. Brace yourself!' Shall I? I shan't!
+ Flying cockroaches
+ Cumblibuchis framed
+ I need to climb
+ Stop and Stare
+ I write neatly with a pencil (Notepaded)
+ Copyright on a name like Aashish...Sheesh!
Ok I promise this is the very last time I add to this post (She lies! she lies!-grin-copyright shar)

The rains played 'Is your watch really rainproof?' with us...
'Aaaa' down the bends with the motor off..saving expensive fuel he says
Nature's washing machine...rinse, spin, dry...
He taught me the names of places
I mispronounced..
I guess its ok to write like this..I am the muddled mind after all...for a more chronological account of the above...click here..
my job is done...
ok so inevitably there's more...
~This is surprising but every shop there...even the kutti ones on the border have 'Photostat' written on them instead of 'Xerox' which is actually a make of a photocopying machine...I was impressed!
~the only baby on the face of the earth I will ever hate
~the silence
~harry potter
~pinkness..the lady i said 2 words to 'thank you' and 'bus'..ok thats 3..the last one in hindi..dont think she got it..we look like 'good' girls apparently..grins...slap!
~the no of kicks still pending
~passed over pinches
~the deers i missed
~the Fabindia outfit that i looked good in but no one took pics...where are cameras when u need them!!
~wrapped up in Ajmals t-shirt...first the clicker then me..
~baths-yellow shower, towels, who's first?
~bracelet of shells
~I took Trish, Joyce and Zo with me..it feels like a part of them was with me
~Maya let the cat outta the bag..actually it makes me feel safer that he knows..guilt reduced kinda...
~Mom calls..I miss her..no..just guilt..she ran away to Kerela too..on someone else's honeymoon..sigh..and we went to meet Vaiks girl supposedly..evens it out?
~swearing at Viv in public..
~not embarrassed by...
~Skirts or Sarees?
~Subtle reminders of Nathan
~Nov rain vid doesn't play
~'Have u taken a bus in Kerela?'
~ think time
~Jaggu-the only Pomeranian in the world I can possibly like
~Hutch dog? I still think that was a pug
~we went to the place where there was no where else to go
~Jiptha! that was her name
~the strong smell of coconut oil everywhere
~red water
~He loves my smile
~I love his grin
~I stayed an extra day for the grin!
I'm come to terms with the fact that this post will never say what I want it to..
"Wild streak!"
"How's that working for you?"
"Today is fun (ref to drunk conference call that lasted an hr) ..There's still some guilt attatched to kerela tho..su told her mom we're going with shar and gang i should have done the same..never mind..too late now.."
"Well as long as you had fun."
"I did! I did! Aw it was gorgeous..I started to blog about it but never got to the bottom of that post (Ahem ahem)...there's so much that can't be said in words.."
"Sometimes the words are there, just not to be expressed to others."-this guy gets me!
"Hmm..maybe..the other night before i fell asleep i had those words in my head.. in complete witty sentences too! But then they disappeared.."
"Lol..You know what they say. If you don't remember it, it wasn't important enough."
"No! This was like its imp but its for u and no one else ..So dont remember it long enough to put it up where everyone can see.."
So there! It's not that I refuse to share a full fledged account of every memorable second! its just that I prefer to keep snapshots in my head...so get whatever u can outta this post (if you've managed to read the whole thing that is) and leave the rest to your imagination and my excellent memory...

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  1. ok my love... im sorry!!!! but i did upload the photos as soon as bro left!! and i like the song u wrote trying to remember chasing cars... so Thats what u were doing!

    Sigh.. -hugs-