Wednesday, 21 May 2008

you and me

Die darling die
You look better in memories
I smile when I remember
Even the sad times
I smile

The you of today melts away
The you of yesterday shines
The you I loved is blurry
The you I hated is invisible

I am fine
Just as I am
I play the songs that remind me of you
And attach new memories to them
The ones that had only you
Now have only me

You and I don't exist
You and I is a grammatical mistake
You and me against the world
It used to be

I think of you dead
It makes me wonder
Orange sky?
Suppu surrender team
No one calls you that anymore

Idle hours in the island
I tried to tell you
You tried to show me
What was it that went unsaid?

I start dancing again
Love songs have the same drunk effect
You can't change who I am
You are saved
Undeletably saved
Saved for later?

The bar scene is pending
You're saved
The apologies are pending
You're saved

The lights go out
You're still saved
The sky falls down
You're still saved

I saved you
You saved me
You and I wont admit
I saved you
You saved me

I'm scared to count
I know you have the most
You have enough of me to break my heart
The only one

You and me
Just you and me

I sound like a lover who hates her lover
That makes me a hypocrite
All I am without you
Is who I really am
And I'm happy being that person

Monkeys paw
Dirty socks
Rain fights
Revolutions of a chair
Saved for later
Saved for smiles

Now I can sink
And you can sink
Songs can't sing
Oh! one last think
Red eyes blink
Who lets you think now
Now that I'm not there
Who helps you think?