Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Tears in the rain

Dreams do come true
I’m standing far away from you
We always wanted to get drunk together
Spill the deepest

I seem further away
When brothers are in arms
Your sister stands by
‘What would you do if I died tonight?
Would you cry?
Would you stand by the people I love and make them strong?’
Are the people I love the people you love?
When I tried to hate I came close to ignorance

Nothing excites me anymore
Even when it’s new
I miss the rush of blood to my head

I can sleep through the week
But I’m awake
Watching for shadows on the wall
Boo choo choo
Wish I was scared of you

Meet me by the bridge
We’ll drink our ties to death
Water will stand still
The stink of your skin
The stink of my sin

Whisper the words I don’t want to hear
Tell me it’s over


  1. love the poem....let's drink to banality of our lives...i'll meet you by the bridge..say when it is purple by the sky??;-)

    I have tagged u for a blog game..please do play it:-)...visit my blog.

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?

  3. http://moonlovechild.blogspot.com/

    two links for u, rem'bred this after reading