Sunday, 27 April 2008

Birthday High!

priyanka: haffy haffy burday
2:07 AM im 2 hours late
me: wait a sec
priyanka: but better late than ever!!
me: parll be right back
2 hours late for what??
priyanka: erm
2:08 AM to wish you/her
me: oh yeah sorry me slow
2:09 AM its ok at least you remembered
clap clap clap
2:10 AM priyanka: lol
who is this??
me: bro
2:11 AM "clap clap clap" was because par said so
priyanka: where is she??
2:13 AM me: she says home ...i think shes high
priyanka: hahahahahahaha...
me: ok she says shes not high
which means she definately is
priyanka: ok that says it all
shes high!!
2:14 AM me: lol
2:15 AM i think we are going to take her to the terrace to get her higher...
priyanka: lol...
you are her younger brother right!!?? and YOU got her high
2:16 AM i need to have a lil chat with her
once shes sober
me: hi
its me
i am ok!
im NOT high
these boys donno anything
2:17 AM priyanka: lol.. did you drink anythin??
me: yes
apple vodka
3 straight shots
2:18 AM little slow typing
and my friends rang and played a song for me on the phone
thts what the "clap clap clap" was about
i need to write on my blog
2:19 AM priyanka: lol...

8 minutes
2:27 AM priyanka: ok sweetheart!!
enjoi yourself..
i better be off
me: I WILL
priyanka: i ll catch you later
have a wonderful year bebe
me: k
priyanka: gn
me: night
2:28 AM sleepy sleppy
2:28 AM me: y are u online munch?
2:43 AM Sharanya: y are u?
me: i wanxa
K vHxcf hkl
Sharanya: me too1
me: xdflhxd
Sharanya: oopur ditched and is going to sleep
me: hahgahahahahahaha
2:44 AM sowie
bro o the loose

Sharanya: huh?
me: nm
Sharanya: if yer drunk lassie
go to sleep
2:45 AM me: im not immature ok
call my new no
2:46 AM especially with 33% off!!!!!!!!!1
extra sorry
eva lays bettle legs
what her fuck
2:47 AM some right hand rule
with moon and mule
come stumpp, someappa and shuele
ha ha ha tho
2:48 AM im in the loo
tying my shoe
Sharanya: \/\/
me: with my cast and crewe
Sharanya: the lot of you???
me: i told the crow shooo, shooo, shoo
we are making poems
Sharanya: thats a really strange thing to do
2:49 AM donks
im rhyming along
i outpoem anybody
me: and we are the remedy
to your comedy
in this raphsody
2:50 AM reply kodi
Sharanya: oh really?
me: just about... nearly
Sharanya: ur livin in a fantasy
2:51 AM i can see
that i am totally right, in all honesty
me: but you arnt better than me
2:52 AM Sharanya: again with the fantasy
me: because u see
Sharanya: get out of it already!
you'll never be
better than me
me: come on go steady
Sharanya: coz i rock you see
why? can't keep up with me?
2:53 AM me: no we can actually
Sharanya: told you i was the queen of poetry
me: your kidding me
Sharanya: nope you cant rreally!
even when there's two of you an one of me
me: but seriously
Sharanya: i kid you not i really do rock
me: there is just one of me
2:54 AM then madame your in for a schok
cause we do more than mere talk
we rhyme in time
2:55 AM are you offline?


  1. I notice my name in this post!!! With out the "n"

  2. yes yes, its my fault, always my fault.
    i like this post. mainly because it has a lot of me in it.
    nice post pari:P)