Monday, 7 July 2008

I found this woman on the bus and i felt like turning to her and asking "Can I do my abnormal Psychology project on you?"
I mean there she was singing away to glory in a squeaky squeaky voice...srikala impersonater...and she was like addicted to this game on her phone
every time she got a call she talked thru her handsfree and when she got cut off she'd play teh game
Now the only reason I was noticing all this I cos my phone was almost dead
and a kind old lady had given up her seat for me
oh the kindness of strangers
the other day some chinky wanted to share her umbrella with me so badly..she grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me undercover..kinda scary the way ppl just go out of the way to be nice
and there are those who choose the day u're wearing white frilly footwear to absolutely massacre your toes

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