Friday, 11 July 2008

Things That Make Me High

*Mint chocolate chip icecream
*Singing Christmas Carols
*Christmas (and only! Christmas) shopping
*Long Bike Rides
*Fast Bike rides with my hair open
*Needles and Thimbles
*Rain..when my toes don't have to get wet
*Old Spice on leather Smell
*Nimbu Paani Icicles
*Live Music
*Watching the same movie again and again on TV
*Watching TV alone
*Getting comments on my blog
*Hearing my songs on the radio
*Hearing Sum's songs on the radio
*Long gtalk conversations with Deb
*Long gtalk conversations with someone I'm just getting to know
*Conference Calls
*Long room clearing conversations with Vini
*Corner house with Joyce
*Squeaky clean baths with dance music
*Star gazing
*Sleeping on my terrace
*Rum and Brandy
*Dressing up for a party
*The Sea
*Being awake at 3 am
*Writing a Haiku
*Getting a comment on Poetbay
*Reading a new Shar story
*Making a new friend
*The sound of a Guitar
*The sound of someone whistling a familiar tune
*A new song that I already know I'll love
*A new video
*Random picture taking
*Inside Jokes
*Making dirty boys get up from ladies seat in a bus
*Hot bald guys giving look
*Flashing ppls
*Neon Lights
*Wierd dreams
*New clothes
*Fashion Shows
*Dancing in the dark
*Dancing with imaginary tall fellow
*Walking in tune to music in my ears
*Dancing on the road and pretending I'm just limping
*Someone needing me
*Someone saying I look good
*Reaching college early
*Seeing my name in the newspaper
*Gol guppas
*Peanut butter
*Teddy bears
*Chocolate cake
*Being Fed
*Making new words
*Saying something no one understands
*Dropping Vodka all over the place
*Movie Night!
*Seeing Nani
*Going to my old school
*Long earrings
*Wearing only one earring and no one realizing
*Chocolate chip cookies
*Drama Practice
*New playlists
*The Full Moon
*Wrapping paper
*Ink Pens
*Green Ink Pens
*Tickle Monsters


  1. Ah yes... will add my own list to my blog too!
    oh and it will deffo include reading other ppls high lists! :D

    Cheers to abnormal ashwini and creative ideas in her class!

  2. wait...did that include sleepovers???

  3. Does 'sleepovers' count as a thing?
    ah..I guess if 'Christmas' does....yeah!
    Sleepovers make me high!!
    Other forgottens will be added shortly...