Saturday, 19 July 2008


I could tell by the way she was driving, she was thinking about it too
"Planet Of The Apes"
"Monkey business?"
"Jacobs ladder!"
Give us Intolerable cruelty, Reasonable doubts, even freaking Bridge over the River Kwai! and we would have got it!
A most disappointing moment
Cant believe I smiled so soon after it
So proud of him Of them!
There's a man in my throat
His heart beats
He's nibbling his nails
His tie is undone I gulp 

^Pre-DC-Sum inspired poem
Thu! My rubbish comp dint save the blehness of the rest of this post...
Attempts to recapture blehness:
1. We wanted to poison everyone with mug noodles.
2. The team that should be eliminated from the face of this earth
3. Not my favourite person in the world. My way 0f saying I want him dead!
Not working! ok..I'll tell you who really made me smile that day....VAIK & VIVEK! Sigh...wait I'll show you...
Convo extract no 1: vivek: u lost n dumb charades??
me: ;( yeah..very disappointedits a big deal for us
we were confident of placing
9:59 PM would have gone to pondi if we had
vivek: oh
me: :(
vivek: dnt wory ul win nxt tym
me: there is no next time
we're in third year
10:00 PM this was our last chance
vivek: me n vaik 1 team
u n su!
me: aaww
ull so lose!
he he
vivek: u'l loos agn
10:01 PM big tym
me: lol!
no we wont!
vivek: playn against the vaik n vek duo
10:02 PM me: lol
vivek: y u lol?
10:03 PM me: cos viv and vaik are the bestest sweethearts in the whole wide world!!
vivekcv1988: v no..
10:04 PM me: :D  
Convo Extract No 2 me: i cant wait for u to get back
vaisakh: i miss u ppl
me: we would have got nicely drunk if u were here today
9:57 PM sigh
vaisakh: :(
me: i know
vaisakh: ah! no getting drunk n all....!
but den i cud have done something to make u ppl feel better
me: really?
what would u have done?
9:58 PM vaisakh: hmmm...plan a trip to nandhi 2mrw! or sit at corner house d whole day...till they close n drop both of u back home
9:59 PM a nice ride on d 200! :)
me: aaawww
vaisakh: feeling better?
me: yeah
happy tears  
See! I told you they're the bestests! :) On that note, before the par-comp-destroying monsters take over this comp as publish post!


  1. Sigh.. there is a time for everything...

    Every new beginning is some beginning's end...

    Something ended, something will begin.

    Proud of them too. Smiling too.

  2. u have to find the rest of that poem...wat did i write after that???
    damn..i dont remember....

  3. Aww... they really do make us smile!! -grin-