Thursday, 31 July 2008


I can still feel his fingers on my hips
I feel violated
I clench my fist around the handle of my umbrella, ready to strike
Seconds later, just empty space...such slime lives, such slime exists, such slime walks free without a curse to his name...

There are all kinds of things you have to do to stay alive in a bus
Stand on one foot
Step on your own toes
Superman pose
And as the bus labours on.. you have to act as a contracting muscle expelling all kinds of slime
There are positions that would rarely be described in a porn mag which become essential to a bus
And the amazing part is a bus is never full!
50,60,70 odd pairs of eyes,ears,feet..not to mention school bags, handbags, firewood sacks and the invariable flower basket!
And sometimes when your least aware of it, when your least expecting it, these eyes are on you, these feet are on you, these bags are on you and there's no way you can throw them off!

I've started playing this game where I look into a persons face and try to guess the last time they had sex. I can usually see it. But its hard to tell if I'm right
Today I was
I guessed she was a virgin looking forward to it
Search for mangalsutra...not yet...but her finger sports a gold ring
Two minutes later she's inviting a friend to her wedding
Not bad eh?
I can tell
It's easier with men
The one next to me must have been really deprived, starved in fact
ugh..I can still feel it
I could have cursed, screamed, shouted...but the woman there was doing all of the me!
No! I'm not going any closer to the slime!
Another pink salwar was fingered!
Thats it!
Umbrella bashing!
I could see it in my played out so well..if only he hadn't moved so quickly..little slimeball!

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  1. i wish all those fellow passenger of yours..THEY read this...
    you can say...'TAKE THAT!!!'